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"I started collecting puzzles when I was nine years old and by 1990 I had a very modest collection. In 1989 I bought the Slocum/Botermans Puzzles Old and New (and how to make them). The book inspired me enough to give it a try. In addition I could add to my collection if I was successful. I made a variety of Burrs and Packing puzzles during the next three years and sold them at our local Artistry in Wood show.

I met two other collectors during the 1990-1993 time frame and through them I met a large group of puzzle designers, craftsmen and collectors in 1993 when I was invited to the first Gathering for (Martin) Gardner in Atlanta. Most of these collectors were involved with the International Puzzle Group who met once a year at an International Puzzle Party (IPP). There I met Bill Cutler and he asked me if I would be interested in making and selling a few of his designs. We have collaborated ever since.

I went to my first IPP in 1994 held in Seattle Washington. I met Oskar van Deventer and he gave me permission to make several of his designs. I acquired Stewart Coffin’s Puzzlecraft (book) and started producing his designs too.

At later IPPs I met Frans de Vreugd and Dic Sonneveld. Again I was fortunate to be able to make and sell both of these designer's puzzles.

During the period from 1994 to the present I have designed around seven puzzles of my own, most of which have been used as exchange puzzles at the International Puzzle Parties. I will reproduce a few of them for this web site.

I was a Civil Engineer for the Dayton Power and Light Co. for 39 years and I am now retired, making puzzles on an (almost) full time basis. I still live in Dayton, Ohio."

-Tom Lensch