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Blossom wiezorke.jpg
Blossom by Bernhard Wiezorke
Photo courtesy of Nick Baxter
Alternative Names
Dodecahedron Blossom
Not Available
# of Pieces
Assemble the 4 pieces into a truncated tetrahedron
IPP Exchange
IPP17 (August 1997 - San Francisco)

A very simple and elegant puzzle. The four pieces are identical, each is composed of 4 spheres glued together in an L shape. It is remarkable that such simple pieces made from spheres can actually interlock! The final shape is a level 4 tetrahedron with the four corner spheres removed. If the pieces are made using two wood types a nice pattern results with a flower visible on each face.

This puzzle is best made from wood spheres as large as possible, and they must be very accurate spheres for the puzzle to interlock well.

The design can also be made from rhombic dodecahedra rather than spheres. Rolando Pontalti had an idea to truncate the rhombic dodecahedra, these puzzle pieces are also known as edge-beveled cubes. Bernhard Schweitzer produced this version of the puzzle, called Dodecahedron Blossom. The final shape of this version is the same as the Stewart Coffin puzzle RD-16.