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Welcome to Puzzle Place

The best place to find information about mechanical puzzles.

We currently have 1,500 puzzles, illustrated with 3,015 images, from 255 designers, and 194 manufacturers

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Puzzle Place is a site whereby using all of our collective knowledge we hope to build a 'one-stop shop' for all things puzzle related. Here you will be able to find out about many different puzzles, who designs them, who creates them, and much more!

Due to it's nature, Puzzle Place is a site that is constantly growing and adapting to be a better resource, so keep checking back for any new content. If you wish to add new puzzles to the wiki the please remember to use the Puzzle Information Template, similarly if you wish to add images to a page then please use the Gallery Template and remember to give credit on photos where needed (use the Photo Credit template in the comment of the image). A good example of these templates in use can be found on the Rosebud page.

Some other notes when creating/editing pages or uploading images:

  • Any images of puzzles that are uploaded should have sensible, descriptive names
  • Any images of puzzles should be added to the Puzzle Images by adding the following text to the images page: [[Category:Puzzle Images]]
  • As the difficulty is fairly subjective, unless the manufacturer states a difficulty this field should remain blank
  • If a new person is added to the wiki (be it designer/manufacturer or photographer/blogger) then their page (not Category) should be added to the People Category

Take a look at the Tutorial page for detailed information on editing the Wiki.

While every effort is made to keep the information contained here completely accurate, some things will change with time, this mainly includes fields such as prices and availability. Please use information such as this as a rough guide, and if you find any information that needs updating then please feel free to do so.


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