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Snake Box

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Snake Box.jpg
Snake Box by Kagen Schaefer
Photo courtesy of PuzzleBoxWorld
Snake Box
18 x 18 x 10cm
Not Available
Gabon Ebony, Holly, Maple, Sapele
Open and close the box

"I named this the 'Snake Box' because it displays a snake-like tessellation. If M.C. Escher had designed this, I imagine he would have added little dots for the eyes and given them different expressions. I like the tessellation because it so nicely transforms into a surprisingly different common mosaic.

The first challenge is to find the first move. This is a hidden move in the spirit of the Braided Box. Once you have found this you may begin a sequence of moves very similar to the Block Box. The pattern transformation is the clue, you will know you have unlocked the box when you see the checkerboard. What!? A checkerboard!

There a few other nice secrets about the Snake Box, but I will not reveal these here. I can't give too much away!" -Kagen Schaefer