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Sliding 3 Drawer Chest

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Sliding 3 Drawer Chest Red.jpg
Sliding 3 Drawer Chest - Red (RF-24-1) by the Karakuri Creation Group
Photo courtesy of Karakuri Creation Group
Sliding 3 Drawer Chest
RF-24-1, RF-24-2, RF-24-3, RF-24-4
RF-24-1, RF-24-2: 120 x 130 x 150mm
RF-24-3, RF-24-4: 128 x 138 x 153mm
RF-24-1, RF-24-2: May 2009
RF-24-3, RF-24-4: October 2011
RF-24-1, RF-24-2: Amur Corktree, Chestnut, Brass & Others
RF-24-3, RF-24-4: Oak, Chestnut, Brass & Others
Open and close the drawers
This puzzle is the more cost effective version of the Sliding 4 Drawer Chest designed by Hiroshi Iwahara in 2001.

RF-24-1, RF-24-2: "At first, you can't open the drawers at all. When you slide the drawers each other well, you will be able to unlock the key. Eight years has passed, since the RF-5 Sliding 4 Drawer Chest was designed. Finally, it was manufactured. The drawer was reduced from four to three, to cut the cost. The distance between upper drawer and lower drawer became near. Therefore, it became easier to make the mechanism comparatively" -Karakuri Creation Group

RF-24-3, RF-24-4: "RF-24 was reproduced. The mechanism is same as the previous RF-24. You can unlock the drawers by sliding the body. The size became a little bigger. It became easy to make a little. The material was changed to oak. The oak is hard and you will feel that the work is solid and stable. The front design was also changed." -Karakuri Creation Group