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Revomaze Obsession Blue

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Revomaze Obsession Blue.jpg
Revomaze Obsession Blue by Chris Pitt
Photo courtesy of Puzzle Master
Revomaze Obsession Blue
102 x 50mm
16 June 2009
Machined Plastic
This puzzle is part of the group/set:

" Once in a while something special turns up. We prototyped the plastic version of the REVOMAZE thinking it would not be as good as the metal.

Instead, we are amazed at how much fun these are and how tough. To expand into a wide audience, weight was an issue as well as small parts and of course cost. Our first plastic REVOMAZE Obsession has solve this and has created an exciting puzzle for all ages and ability and at a price to introduce you to the REVOMAZE family.

Don't be fooled - these puzzles are not mass produced moulded versions - but engineered on the same machines as the metal all to within 0.01mm.

They all come in a black outer sleeve and have a white shaft with two gold labels on each end containing a Blue, Green or Black "R" REVOMAZE logo to denote the puzzle level and are smooth and exceptionally light in both the hand and operation.

They still have the patent pending reset, sending you back to the beginning if you are too hasty but also have the ability to keep you occupied for hours until you master them. Perfect for the family from young to senior!" -Chris Pitt