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Outline Burr

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Outline Burr.jpg
Outline Burr by Eric Fuller
Photo courtesy of Cubic Dissection
Outline Burr
Limited to
4.2 x 4.2 x 4.2"
2001 (Original)
2008 (Re-Made)
Not Available
# of Pieces
Burr Level
15.1 (Original)
7.4 (Remake)
Karin von Kanel: White Oak
Eric Fuller: Maple, Walnut, Zebrawood
Disassemble and reassemble the 6 pieces into the shape shown

"This puzzle is a derivative of Karin von Kanel's outline burr, designed in 2001. I have been wanting to make this for a long time, but was having trouble getting in touch with Karin. Finally I ran into her at the NYPP and she heartily agreed to give me permission to make it. Initially I wanted to make the "Ultimate" level 15.1, but when I plugged it into BurrTools, no solution was to be found. I started playing around with the piece sets and decided on one which had three pairs of nicely symmetrical mirrored pieces. While several solutions exist, a unique level 7.4 is enforced by wood type. The puzzle is shipped in a non-symmetrical level 5.2 configuration, leaving the ultimate 7.4 up to the buyer to find. The pieces are constructed with half-lap joints throughout for lasting strength and good looks." -Eric Fuller