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Level 5 Burr Set

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Level 5 Burr Set 3.jpg
Level 5 Burr Set in Walnut & Plane by Jack Krijnen
Photo courtesy of Oli Sovary-Soos
Level 5 Burr Set
Alternative Names
Interlocking Puzzles Burr Set #2
Limited to
Jack Krijnen: 8 (5x Mahogany Box, 3x Walnut Box)
Not Available
# of Pieces
42 (35 different 2x2x6 pieces)
Burr Level
162 level 5 solutions
Jack Krijnen: Pieces: Plane Box: Mahogany & Plane / Walnut & Plane
Assemble 162 level 5 burrs possible with the 42 pieces provided

"35 distinct notchable 2x2x6 unit pieces, indexed with numbers in the range 0 to 56, a total of 42 pieces including duplicates, which can be used to assemble most of the level 5 standard 6-piece burrs. Uses David Winkler's numbering." -Jim Storer