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Isis Gold.jpg
Isis 1 Classic In Box
Photo courtesy of Puzzle Master
Limited to
Standard: Unlimited
1A: 12 (Puzz Challenge) + 1
1B: < 5
1C: 10
2.5 inches diameter
SonicGames (formerly SonicWarp)
Puzzle Master
Standard: Available
1A: Not Available
1B:Not Available
1C: Not Available
Separate the two halves of the puzzle.

Puzz Challenge

The "Puzz Challenge" was an extra challenge setup by the inventor of the Isis (Andrew Reeves) which was announced on 26th April 2007. The competition has a LCD TV as a prize and was only open to people who bought one of the limited edition Isis 1A puzzles. These puzzle were only made available to members of the Isis 5% Club on their forum. Once the puzzle was opened there was a password engraved on the inside which could be used to access an area of the SonicWarp website. In this area of the website was a riddle, the first person to solve the riddle won the prize. The riddle read:

Exchanged everyday, 
A teacher to the 3rd, 
Locate the final existence of the 4th, 
And connect the name, 
That will live for more than a century.

A user with the username Lodgecrest announced that he had solved the riddle on 5th August 2009 and later gave an explanation of the solution:

Exchanged everyday…..Money
A teacher to the 3rd …..Adam Smith (back of £20 note) the 3rd being the 3rd Duke of Buccleuch who Adam Smith tutored
Locate the final existence of the 4th …….Lisbon. The 4th was the 4th Duke of Buccleuch who died in Lisbon.
And connect the name……Bridge. This is where we all when wrong I think CONNECT meant bridge and not try and find a link to Lisbon- Adam Smith-Money or anything else. I only realised it was bridge from my research into North and South Queensferry on the Forth River, which is connected by the Forth Bridge.

So if you Google Lisbon and Bridge there is only one answer.... 

Vasco da Gama Bridge 

The Vasco Da Gama Bridge is the longest bridge in Europe! and connects one side of Lisbon to the other.
That will live for more than a century……..a quick check on Wikipedia and it confirms that The Bridge has a life expectancy of 120 years.