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Highway by Alfons Eyckmans
Photo courtesy of Aaron Davila
8 x 8 x 8 cm
Not available
# of Pieces
Itauba, Chestnut
Disassemble and reassemble the 15 piece burr.

Comment of Goetz about this puzzle

From the beginning, there are various different moves possible. with the flat board pieces and with the burr stick pieces. In the solution, only some of the moves must be carried out, while others must be omitted, so one side of the puzzle is moving, while the symmetric move on the other side of the puzzle is not part of the solution.

Some of the moves are quite well hidden, with pieces trough the whole puzzle moving simultaneously. For some, the alignment of the pieces has to be very exact to allow them to move. Especially when two boards on opposite sites have to move at the same time, combined with some burr pieces in between, there are many possibilities for the pieces to lock. Here pieces at different positions on opposite sides have to be aligned before the move can be carried out.

Maybe the most interesting moves are moves 16, where many different pieces move at the same time, and move 17, where two burr pieces move orthogonal to their longest axis, and which are not easy to handle. Fortunately, your very exact craftsmanship ensures that these moves are possible, although you will not find them by accident.

Alltogether, this puzzle is much more difficult (at least to me) than the level suggests. It has some very interesting moves and is different from most other puzzles, even different from "Al Capone", which has a similar structure. Very interesting puzzle and I like this design!