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Happy Cube

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Happy Cube.jpg
Happy Cubes
Photo courtesy of Guillaume Largounez
Happy Cube
Alternative Names
Cube It!, Wirrel Warrel, I.Q.ubes, Cococrash
4x4x4 cm
14 € for a 6 puzzles series
# of Pieces
6 to 24. No limit for custom designs
EVA foam
From very easy to inhuman
* Assemble the six pieces into a cube
  • Combine several set of pieces of a given family to build more complex shapes

Each cube consists in six square pieces that must be put together to build a cube. There are 4 different families, from the easiest to the most difficult : Little Genius, Happy Cube, Profi Cube and Marble Cube. Each family has 6 models of different colours.

The first challenge consists in building a cube with 6 pieces of a given colour. Then, using several puzzles from a given family, more complex shapes can be realized.

The difficulty range is very wide. The Little Genius Cubes are really easy. They are more children toys than puzzles. Building the biggest shapes from the marble family, on the other hand, require a clever planification and sorting of the available pieces : Trusting chance will be of no use.

An open source software called happy Cube Solver has been released. It can find solutions for any of the Happy Cube challenges and beyond : it is possible to create new shapes and look for solutions using any given set of pieces... as long as the processing power of your computer allows it !