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Fifty Puzzle

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Fifty Puzzle.jpg
Fifty Puzzle by Michael Toulouzas
Photo courtesy of Michael Toulouzas
Fifty Puzzle
Not Available
# of Pieces
5 + Tray
Iroko (Pieces), Oak (Tray)
Assemble the 5 pieces to form the number 50

"I made this puzzle for a close friend for his 50th birthday. It was warbling in my mind for a couple of months but the idea finally came to me like a flash. I think the result is very satisfactory. A very funny puzzle with only 5 pieces to make the number 50 inside the box (or outside). After I discovered that I could make it with only 3 pieces!!! It sounds impossible but I think it would give a clue to the solution so I am going to stick on this (with the 5 pieces). So good luck!" -Michael Toulouzas