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Fancy Heart Attack

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Fancy Heart Attack - Zebrawood Sugar Maple.jpg
Fancy Heart Attack in Zebrawood and Sugar Maple by Michael Toulouzas
Photo courtesy of Michael Toulouzas
Fancy Heart Attack
November 2011
135 euro
Not Available
# of Pieces

"I am glad because this puzzle puzzle came alive. It has a lot of gluing with many pieces to construct the final shape of the pieces. It uses all type of pieces (tetrahedra, rhombic pyramid, LH prism, RH prism, 6 side, 7 side joker, RH ss, LH ss, joker) - that is something new. A high level of difficulty with confusing structure. Unlike my other puzzles of similar type this is with a key piece. Its serially interlock and when you put the pieces they can go only one slide axis!! That i think its quite cool." -Michael Toulouzas