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Domino Box

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Stickman 16.jpg
Domino Box by Robert Yarger with Exotic Burl Dominoes by John Devost
Photo courtesy of Jim Strayer
Domino Box
Alternative Names
Stickman No.16
Limited to
25 (3 with Exotic Burl Dominoes)
(1 with Ebony Dominoes and 1 with Ambrosia Maple Dominoes made by TheJuggler)
7 made in 2014 by Neil Hutchison
6.0 x 6.0 x 2.0"
April 2008
Not Available
Box: Walnut, Monticello
Dominoes: White Holly or Exotic Burl, Ebony, Ambrosia Maple
Extra Shapes: Padauk

"This Stickman Domino Puzzle Box (No. 16) is handcrafted by artist Robert Yarger from quality walnut and Monticello. The dominoes inside were produced by John Devost from white holly. To make things a bit more challenging, a few odd shaped tiles made from Paduk are also inserted. The solution to opening this unique puzzle can only be achieved by tilting, poking, and tapping the dominoes into different positions through the exterior of the box. This is a very challenging puzzle to solve, and even I (the designing artist) have found myself accidentally locked out of my own box for hours at a time. You can easily see what needs to be done through the sides, but formulating a successful multi-step plan of attack is the ultimate challenge, as each move alters the overall puzzle configuration.

Once solved, the box will open up and the complete set of working dominoes can be removed and played with. The dominoes can be reinserted back in hundreds of different combinations, and each variation alters the complexity of the solution the next time the puzzle is solved." -Robert Yarger