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Cube Jeux Descartes

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Cube Jeux Descartes.jpg
The Cube of Jeux Descartes
Photo courtesy of Guillaume Largounez
Le Cube Jeux Descartes
Not Available
# of Pieces
Wood with coloured stickers
Assemble the 64 small coloured cubes into a 4x4x4 cube following these two rules :
  • Each side of the large cube must be evenly coloured with a different colour
  • Each side of a small cube can only be in contact with another side of the same colour

This puzzle was sold by the french shops and editor Jeux Descartes in the 80's. The number of combinations is so high that some additional hints must be used in order to complete the challenge :

  • The 2x2x2 central sub-cube has the same colour repartition on its sides as the big 4x4x4 cube.
  • The internal faces of the 2x2x2 central sub-cube are all white.
  • Each of the 8 small corner cubes has the same colour repartition on its sides as the big cube.