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Byway Secret 3

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Byway Secret 3 Katsura.jpg
Byway Secret 3 (RF-11) by the Karakuri Creation Group
Photo courtesy of Karakuri Creation Group
Byway Secret 3
RF-11, RF-11-2
88 x 88 x 88mm
July 2002
Not Available
RF-11: Katsura & Others
RF-11-2: Walnut & Others
21 Moves
Open and close the box finding both hidden compartments

RF-11: "This is the 3rd one of the Byway Secret series. For the present, maybe it's the last one of this series. I name it another name, 'Wrong side secret.' You can't see the decoration on it. But, it was designed like this on purpose. Can you imagine this meaning? There are 2 compartments inside. The first room is easy. But, it takes 21 moves to open the second room. I applied almost elements of traditional Himitsu Bako's main devices to my box." -Karakuri Creation Group

RF-11-2: "It's also a Byway Secret 3 that has different color, and same mechanism. As the material Walnut is heavier than previous Katsura, it looks solid. It took enough time from the announcement of this Byway Secret 3, I'll explain about the inside of this box, you can find Yosegi inside. The Japanese name 'Ura-Himitsu-Bako'. 'Ura' has another meaning and it's 'inside out', in addition to 'Byway'. Like this, the mechanism of the box is 'inside out' style, and the surface pattern is also 'inside out' style. You can see 'Koyosegi' inside Byway Secret 3 (Katsura), and you can see 'wave (blue-sea-wave)' inside Bway Secret 3 (Walnut). Though the color of the wave is yellow, ("blue" is just the name), the yellow color is shine in the quiet Walnut color." -Karakuri Creation Group