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Angel Box

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Angel Box.jpg
Angel Box by Wil Strijbos
Photo courtesy of Chris Purssell
Angel Box
Limited to
160 mm x 110 mm x 70 mm (1.9 Kg)
August 2013
390 euros
Limited Availability
To free the Angel trapped inside and find the heart. See Instructions below.


Challenge: Take my HEART

Not allowed: No Banging - No Spinning - No External Tools

Allowed: Anything that comes out of the "inside" of the Angel Box that is not a part of the box's construction, can be used as a tool.

Important: The Lock and the Code Plate are considered to be external Tools

Advice: Please take your time, there's no hurry.

Note to any competitive types: Louis Coolen and Rainer Popp opened the Digital Lock in less than 2 minutes, but don't worry if it takes you longer, remember there's no hurry.

Start: Crack the Code on the Digital Lock.

Advice: After you've removed the Digital Lock, please study the Angel Box carefully before you continue.

You'll probably find some tools inside the Angel Box. You can safely put them anywhere... for now...

Please experiment now so that you know what's possible. Later on in the process you will be able to lose your tools after you've moved some of the inside mechanism. "Proceed carefully"

This information all ties in with my experiences at the Nokia Building in Helsinki - you should consider the background information on the Angel Box.

Note: There is an extra tool for the owner of the Angel Box concealed inside to allow you to reset the box just in case someone else plays with your Angel Box and they drop the tool inside the box.

Once you have opened the Angel Box, you'll find some additional instructions. Once you've completed those instructions, please email me and I shall send you one further challenge to solve.