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3 Crecos

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3 Crecos.jpg
3 Crecos by Michael Toulouzas
Photo courtesy of Michael Toulouzas
3 Crecos
Not Available
# of Pieces
Coloured Iroco
Disassemble and reassemble the 6 pieces into the interlocking shape shown

"'Crecos' in Greek means the circular piece of a chain, so this is a 3 chain puzzle but because I have already my other 3 Chain Ring,...I named it in Greek. This is a very nice puzzle. The puzzle has similar and symmetrical pieces and is easy to make. It really looks nice and the design is very familiar. It is the most look alike a chain puzzle I have seen, except of course if you truncate the chain and make it completely oval. The pieces are fun to play and I think that if you have more than six they can be used as building blocks and you can make the puzzle bigger (like the well known star burr puzzle) the only difficulty is to grasp the pieces and slide them together because its hard to hold. I will consider to make the same puzzle with dissimilar pieces and have a difficult version of the Crecos puzzle." -Michael Toulouzas