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30 Move Mame Puzzle Box

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Mame Puzzle Box Scale.jpg
30 Move Mame Puzzle Box by Eric Fuller
Photo courtesy of Cubic Dissection
30 Move Mame Puzzle Box
Limited to
1.8 x 1.3 x 1.1"
Not Available
Honduras Mahogany (Internal), Indonesian Rosewood (External)
Open and close the box

"I have always liked the "Mame" puzzle boxes made by the Japanese. Mame means "bean", and I assume they are so named because that's about all that will fit inside them! When I decided to make my own, I knew I had to do more moves then anyone before. This led to a small innovation...I put steps on the edge of the top and bottom panels themselves, allowing me to make a 30 move box that is almost exactly the size of the 14 move box. It would actually be smaller if my planer would mill wood thinner then 1/8th of an inch :) Each step is 25 thousandths of an inch. The level of precision in these boxes is unprecedented for me, and I feel that this is some of my finest work. Although the boxes are small, an extraordinary amount of effort went into their design and construction. I think that 30 moves is a record likely to stand for quite some time in the mame box category, as this design is pushing the envelope. To have more moves would require smaller steps; steps any smaller then these are liable to cause functional problems. Each box is made from Honduras Mahogany for the internal parts and Indonesian Rosewood for the external. The combination is ideal; the Mahogany is extremely stable, insuring proper function with fluctuating humidity, and the external Rosewood is quite strong, which allowed me to make the tiny steps on the end." -Eric Fuller