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Parcel Post

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Parcel Post.jpg
Parcel Post by Eric Fuller
Photo courtesy of Cubic Dissection
Parcel Post
Limited to
6.5 x 4.5"
Early 1900's
$59 (Eric Fuller)
$125 (John Devost)
Not Available
# of Pieces
18 + Box
Eric Fuller: Honduras Mahogany, Walnut
John Devost: Walnut, Makore, Mahogany, Wenge
Pack all 18 pieces flat into the box

"Parcel Post is a difficult packing puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to pack the 18 solid walnut pieces into the mahogany tray. Althought there are at least two known solutions, this is not an easy task, and will keep even the most skilled puzzler busy for some time. The tray of this puzzle is finely crafted from solid Honduras Mahogany, with a Walnut bottom properly floated to compensate for movement. Each puzzle piece is dimensionally accurate to .004 of an inch. Pieces are hand sanded on each edge, and finished with a penetrating thinned laquer. This beautiful puzzle will entertain guests on a coffee table and be a fine addition your collection." -Eric Fuller

"This puzzle was copied from one in the collection of Abel Garcia. Only a few copies of the original (commercial) design are known to exist. The designer and maker of the original are unknown. John Devost's model has walnut pieces. The box is made of Makore with Wenge Slipfeathers and a solid Mahogany bottom that is floated for expansion/contraction." -Bill Cutler