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Vectes/Ghidorah Box

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Vectes Ghidorah 1.jpg
Vectes/Ghidora Box by Eric Fuller
Photo courtesy of Cubic Dissection
Vectes/Ghidora Box
Limited to
3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5"
Feb 2013
Not Available
# of Pieces
3 + Cage
Burr Level
22.3 (Vectes)
37 (Ghidorah)
Walnut, Canarywood, Yellowheart
Pack the 3 pieces into the cage for both designs
Vectes and Ghidorah share the same cage, with different sets of 3 pieces. Both were produced simultaneously by Eric Fuller with only one cage and both sets of pieces.

"This puzzle is two designs in one - the cage comes with two sets of burr pieces (one a six unit length and the other an eight unit length) which are entirely different puzzles to insert. The designs were released at roughly the same time, and I found them both interesting. When I realized they shared the same cage, I was in! Both designers graciously gave permission, and so I present to you the combined Vectes / Ghidorah Box. Ghidorah is the 'warm up' difficulty with a level 22.3 solution. Once you breeze through that, take the pieces out and try your hand with the congruent Vectes pieces and their level 37 solution! No problem right? Did I mention it ships unassembled...? Solution available upon request after you've had a few weeks to try solving it :) Construction wise, where to start? The beveled cage is reinforced with shouldered joinery on the corners and is VERY strong. Precision gluing the 24 individual cubes to complete the box was very time consuming and tricky. The pieces are a nice fit, a little loose in this dry winter weather to ensure operation during the humid months. All in all there's a ton of work in this puzzle, and I think it displays very well." -Eric Fuller