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Stellated Diagonal Burr (6 pieces)

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Stellated Diagonal Burr 6 Vigouroux.jpg
6-piece stellated Diagonal Burr by Maurice Vigouroux
Photo courtesy of Guillaume Largounez
6-piece Stellated Diagonal Burr
Mid XIXth century
# of Pieces
Take apart and reassemble the puzzle
Some references

Puzzle Master : Star - Wood
Arjeu - Demeter CT01
Arjeu - Héra CT5035
Hachette - N°3 Etoile Diabolique

Arteludes - Etoile 6 pièces

There are two variants of this puzzle : one with 6 identical pieces, that must be assembled in two halves, and one with a plain key, that can be assembled like a regular burr.

The end of the pieces can be cut square. The resulting shape really looks like a 'Diagonal Burr', that is, a 6-piece burr with each stick rotated by 45°. It can also be beveled, which gives the more common star shape called 'stellated rhombic dodecahedron'.

For more information, see The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections.