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Vinco is the commercial name of Václav Obšivac, a czech puzzle designer and manufacturer.

Website : Vinco's Web Shop & Gallery

Václav became interested in puzzles in 1999. Among his sources of inspiration, he cites Stewart Coffin, Tom Lensch, Pelikan and Philippe Dubois.

His work stands out by the use of local european woods to produce an aesthetic result that would usually be expected using tropical precious woods. Plum, especially, plays an important role in his creations.

Many of his puzzles are variations around a similar internal mechanism with a different external shape. For example, Flowers, Bicone, Ocvalhedron and Dual Tetrahedron are all based on the same four-piece coordinate motion core.

He sometimes produces several copies of his puzzles, but the wood choices and patterns on the most beautiful ones are often unique.

Here is a small gallery of his puzzles.

  • Vinco gallery