Wil Strijbos- ANGEL BOX

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Wil Strijbos- ANGEL BOX

Post by guiltyjoe » February 24th, 2015, 5:24 pm

I just wanted to make a point of saying how much I like this puzzle. First, it is a work of art. Second, I found it to be difficult. It took me a while. And I like that.

I am not an expert puzzle solver. I don't want to be. I like the idea of having a few puzzles around that have me completely stuck. I am very good at staying patient and not angry. The only thing that annoys me about being stuck on a puzzle is when it is solved by luck. That's what I don't like about Wil's Aluminum Cylinder. I opened it by accident and had to be shown by someone what I did to solve it.

If you like Wil's First Box, you will very much enjoy the Angel Box.

The Angel Box is all about you, and your ability to solve it. I love it.

I am very happy with this puzzle. I did not rush it. When I got stuck, I put it on the shelf, or held it while I watched a movie. That's how I got more familiar with it. I look at the cost of these puzzles as an investment in entertainment. If I finished this puzzle in an hour I would feel like I wasted my money. I WANT it to take a very long time. I want it to be an exercise in patience and perseverance. Having said that, I want it to be solvable using reason, trial, and error.

The Angel Box is in every way solvable using reason, trial, and error. It is really a great puzzle. Glad I have one. I hope Wil makes something similar but even more intense and complicated.

I kept a short journal as I solved it. I'd post it but I don't know where I could without spoiling. Message me if you're interested in reading it. I won't send it to you unless you solved yours though.

I also like that this puzzle was not in any way based on luck. I figured out how to open it, rather than sitting with an opened box and not knowing what I did.

Great job, Wil. Hope the next one is even more complicated.

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